Department of Political Science and International Relations

Why IUE Political Science and International Relations?

  • Expert Academic Staff
    • All academic staff members have international experience
    • Are members of international academic networks
    • Conduct research and teach using international standards and methods
    • Publish with distinguished scholarly journals and publishing houses
    • Each member of the academic staff is specialized in a different area of political science and international relations and conduct lectures in their own areas of specialization
    • Contribute to the public sphere (Newspaper columns and editorials, radio and TV programs, joint projects with local governments and civil society organizations and social responsibility projects)
    • Professional work experience, field experience with public administration and international organizations  
    • Organizers and speakers at public and academic seminars, conferences and panels about current events
    • Award winning academic staff (Turkish Academy of Sciences Outstanding Young Scientist Award, Jean Monnet Chair, the Marie Curie Fellowship)
  • Courses:
    • Courses encompassing all of the subfields of Political Science and International Relations (examples of some of our courses: Turkish political life, Turkish foreign policy, comparative politics, political theory, diplomatic history, foreign policy analysis, international security, international political economy, research methods, international organizations)
    • A reformist understanding of education by using hybrid teaching and learning methods (all courses conducted in English, smart campus opportunities, use of simulations and visual teaching materials, field trips to international organizations, regularly organized department seminars, joint international courses using new communication technologies bringing together students from different countries in a virtual classroom)
    • Use of diverse evaluation criterion (written exams, term projects, in-class student presentations,  teamwork opportunities, oral examinations, video-presentations, etc.)
    • Smaller, more student oriented classrooms and a competitive teaching environment
  • International experience opportunities with various international exchange programs (Erasmus+ exchange program, Erasmus internships, Model EU, Model UN)
  • Active and ongoing communication between the academic staff and the students and alumni of the department
  • Diversity in career choices of graduates
    • Academic: Alumni who work in the different subfields of Political Science and International Relations both domestically and internationally
    • Private Sector: Marketing, Logistics Management, Human Resources, Public Relations, Banking, Consulting
    • Public Organizations: Municipalities, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Development Agencies, Ministries
    • Civil society organizations, trusts, international organizations, embassies and consulates


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