Department of Political Science and International Relations



21.11.2022 Departmental Seminar: "Fundamental Uncertainty, Emotional Reactions, and Political Consequences: Canada and Turkey Compared" (UPDATED!)

01.05.2022 Joint Seminar: "East Prussia 2.0: Persistent Regions, Rising Nations" (UPDATED!)

06.05.2022 Modern Turkey Talks - II: Truth, Justice and Commemoration Initiatives in Turkey

01.05.2022 EURAC Online Webinar: EURAC Video Chat with Benedek Jávor, Head of Representation of Budapest to the EU

13.03.2022 Departmental Seminar VI: "Russia's War in Ukraine: Reading Putin's Mind”

04.03.2022 Departmental Seminar V: "The Russian – Ukrainian War in the Light of Military Developments and Technology" (UPDATED!)

08.12.2021 Departmental Seminar- III | Political Theory Seminar “Sheldon Wolin - Fugitive Democracy"

24.11.2021 Departmental Seminar-II | "The Politics of Aid and Aiding in Lebanon and Turkey. What Geography Matters?"

09.11.2021 Departmental Seminar | "Tedirginlik Çağı" (UPDATED!)

01.11.2021 PhD COLLOQUIUM | Seminar Presentations of Our PhD Students (UPDATED!)

11.06.2021 SEMINAR | Preserving Norms through Contestation: The Role of Process Legality (UPDATED!)

04.06.2021 SEMINAR: "Profiling Political Islamist Leaders in Their Native Tongue: A Novel Turkish Operational Code Analysis Approach"

24.05.2021 Departmental Seminar | Career Talks: International Organizations and Think-Tanks (UPDATED!)

16.05.2021 EURAC Webinar Series-I: The external dimension of EU climate change policy: The case of EU-Egypt relations

30.04.2021 Seminar | Trauma, Memory, and Agency: Making and Re-making the Intractable Conflicts of Turkey and Israel (UPDATED!)

07.01.2021 POLITICAL THEORY WORKSHOP | Isaiah Berlin "Two Conceptions of Liberty” (UPDATED!)


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